A Very Trying Wednesday…

This blog is starting as a way for me to get my thoughts out, to possibly seek advice from my peers, and get feedback on ideas.  At a district new teacher meeting earlier this week, the other art teachers and I joked about starting a blog – and the common consensus was – “With WHAT time?”  Which is really a valid point… but, after all of the great conversation we had, I couldn’t help but think maybe I could get a little bit of that from the online community.  I mean, who couldn’t use a little bit of commiseration, feedback, and support?!  So, here I am, hoping somebody somewhere might read it eventually and maybe share their frustrations with me too.

So here goes!

I teach Intro to Art.  I teach the same lesson, each hour of the day, to a group of twenty-something high schoolers, most of whom are forced to take the class because they need some kind of fine art credit to graduate.  Now, don’t get me wrong…  I don’t mean to just complain about my students.  For the most part, they’re funny and interesting and fun to interact with.  However, as it typically goes, there are those that spoil the bunch.  

I don’t know what it was about today.  We have block days on Wednesday and Thursday, which means I see every other class (if that makes sense).  For whatever reason, the second half of the day was really a struggle.  I had a kid in my class after lunch use an eCigg IN MY ROOM, somehow thinking I wasn’t going to find out.  Saw another kid in the same class with the battery portion of his e-cigg, after he asked to use the restroom.  These kids are freshmen…  My real concern is how these kids think these things are alright to use, like it’s no big deal.  My only thought is that they somehow think I don’t know what they are…?

After that, in my last class, I had a student who is normally a really hard worker (she works slowly, but ends up producing nice work), but today she literally did nothing the entire class period, besides talk and be disruptive.  She was also super rude when I asked a group of students to turn their music down – and she had literally NOTHING to do with that group!  I imagine I was probably still very frustrated-acting from the incident the class before, which I need to try better to let go of.  But I still don’t think that justifies her being rude to an adult…

I am really struggling to let these little things go.  I know they are part of the job…  I just can’t stop thinking about it – wondering what I can do differently in the future to make things better.  From what I gather, this is unavoidable in the profession – you just eventually learn to get used to this constant mind-turning.

I don’t know if anybody else out there is feeling kind of down on themselves like I am, but I thought I’d end this whole thing with what I do to pick myself back up again.  I watch these videos:

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